Activities Related to Enviromental Protection

National Round Table For Fire Management – May 14, 2013

Following the successful Chios Congress, “Our Response to the Fires”, in October 2012 the “Maria Tsakos” Foundation is sponsoring a National Round Table for Fire Management, to be held in Athens on May 14th, at the Eugenidion Foundation. The organizers also include the Global Fire Monitoring Center and the Greek Agricultural Organization “DEMETRA” with Dr G. Xanthopoulos, a forest fire specialist and scientist and the country’s representative to the United Nations relevant bodies.

The main objective of the Round Table is to create an interagency and cross-sectoral Forum with the participation of state agencies and civil society organizations. The Forum’s aim would be to address in a systematic and thorough way the problem of forest and other landscape fires and to elaborate further on an initial proposal to develop a National Fire Management Policy for Greece. Apparently, such a need is long overdue.

Seminar “Marine Environment, Maritime Museums and Education” – 20-21 April 2013

On April 20-21, 2013 the “Maria Tsakos” Foundation hosted a two-day seminar in its Auditorium entitled “Marine Environment, Maritime Museums and Education”. The Seminar was organized by the Directorate of Primary Education of Chios. Its aim was to provoke the students’ interest on matters concerning marine environment and maritime tradition and the role of maritime museums.

European Conference of Botanical Gardens 26- 27 May 2012

botanic gardens

botanic gardens

The European Conference of Botanical Gardens was held at the Foundation’s premises. The participants in this event were experts from a diversified range of  European Countries.

International Seminar “Our response to the fires – Working together for a better Chios” 15- 16 October 2012

Response to the fires

On 15-16 October 2012, the International Congress entitled “Our response to the fires – Working together for a better Chios” was held at the Homerion Cultural Center of Chios under the auspices of the Ministry of Mercantile Marine and the Aegean. This well attended initiative, organized and sponsored by the Foundation just a few months after the devastating summer fires that hit the island, brought together international and national experts in an effort to come up with practical ways for alleviating the environmental disaster and preventing future ones.

The objectives of the Congress were:

   -  The analysis and the drafting of recommendations for the recovery of the island and the healing of its wounds and;

   -  The contribution to the creation of strong infrastructures for the prevention and diminution of similar calamities in the future, as well as for the rehabilitation and further economic development and growth of the island.

Concluding its deliberations, the Congress adopted unanimously three Resolutions that pertained to recommended ways for recovery and development, such as measures of prevention in case of extensive fires, 2) the significance of volunteerism  to provide direct aid, 3) the declaration of the trees “Prina” and “Shina” as monuments of natural interest.

ELKETHE Summer School – June 4-8, 2012



The Foundation hosted the training course of Scientists of the Baltic Sea and within the Black Sea Economic Cooperation with respect to the implementation of the European Regulations and policies concerning the protection of the coastal and marine environment.

The training course was organized by the HCMR ( Hellenic Center of Marine Research) und  was under the auspices of  the EU program: PERSEUS (Policy-oriented marine Environmental Research in the Southern European Seas).


The “Maria Tsakos” foundation hosted the international conference: “ECONSHIP – European Conference on Shipping, Intermodalism & Ports”. The conference was conducted under the auspices of the Shipping Section of the Aegean University. Topic of the Conference was the Shipping amid crisis and challenges, risks and opportunities arising from these conditions.

More than 150 researchers and distinguished scientists from Greece and abroad participated in “ECONSHIP 2011″, and presented the findings of their research. Special sessions were held with the participation of Greek and international shipping industry experts and topics of special interest for the business community and the shipping industry were thoroughly analyzed.

Environmental Exhibition of the Program “HELMEPA for Children”, April – May 2011



The “Maria Tsakos” Foundation hosted the exhibition of HELMEPA with the title “Let’s change our habits… Not the climate”.

The aim was to infuse children on various elements of environmental awareness.

The exhibition was dedicated to the memory of Maria P. Tsakos, was organized in collaboration with the Directorate of Primary Education of Chios and was visited by 1.530 students from 30 schools of the island.


In August 2010, the “Maria Tsakos” Foundation hosted the renowned US geneticist Dr. Craig Venter and his associate Dr. Aris Patrinos as well as their research team members of the exploration yacht Sorcerer II.

After completing the Atlantic crossing and at the invitation of Captain Panagiotis N. Tsakos, the internationally acclaimed scientist extended his investigations to the Ionian and the Aegean Sea, focusing on the mapping of Mother Nature’s genome.

Dr. Craig Venter said: “The sea in Greece is unique. Whatever we find here will not be the same as what we have discovered in the Pacific or the Atlantic Ocean”.


On July 5, 2010, the “Maria Tsakos” Foundation hosted Dr Michael Fytikas, a prominent scientist in the field of geothermal energy in its active support of research conducted by the Institute of Geology and Mineral Exploration (IGME) into possible utilisation of Chios’ energy potential. 

Reconnaissance studies to date include drilling of 13 exploration wells and two production wells, thus reaffirming the island’s geothermal potential. 

Conference on “Perspectives of Greek Scientists in Polar Research”

On November 24th, 2009, the “Maria Tsakos” Foundation, in collaboration with the European Polar Board of the European Science Foundation and the Academy Research Centre for Atmospheric Physics and Climatology, organized the one-day conference on the “Perspectives of Greek Scientists in Polar Research”.

The conference took place in the amphitheatre of the Megaron “Makedonia” under the auspices of the UNESCO Chair on Natural Hazards in the Geosphere, the Hydrosphere and the Atmosphere, hosted by the National Observatory of Athens. Conference participations included researchers from Institutions which have carried out  research in the Arctic Circle over the past 20 years, such as the University of Athens, of Thessaloniki, of Crete and Thrace and the National Observatory of Athens.