Promoting awareness on maritime tradition




In our activities, we seek to:

-Increase awareness of the significance and contribution of maritime industry to national and international trade, the world economy and quality of life;

-Advance and improve maritime education and training; and promote these through scholarships, fellowships and grants;

-Support and promote maritime history, heritage and culture;

-Encourage and support young people in Greece and elsewhere to pursue careers at sea and in the maritime sector by advocating the values of the maritime profession;

-Foster research projects, across different disciplinary fields, related to the maritime sector and its people, and environmental protection, sustainability and resilience;

-Encourage and cultivate maritime entrepreneurship and leadership;

-Encourage and cultivate volunteerism, social responsibility and innovation throughout the formative years of life and beyond, and in all facets of society; and

-More generally, support humanitarian and philanthropic causes.


The Foundation is committed to core set of values that guide its work:

– Integrity

– Respect for all people

– Commitment to effectiveness and making an impact

– Scientific rigor

– Collaboration

– Innovation

– Responsiveness

– Fairness