Maritime Tradition

Seminar “Marine Environment, Maritime Museums and Education” – 20-21 April 2013

On April 20-21, 2013 the “Maria Tsakos” Foundation hosted a two-day seminar in its Auditorium entitled “Marine Environment, Maritime Museums and Education”. The Seminar was organized by the Directorate of Primary Education of Chios. Its aim was to provoke the students’ interest on matters concerning marine environment and maritime tradition and the role of maritime museums.

Radio Station

radio station

radio station

Within the context of sustaining maritime tradition and at the Foundations special request a 1950s original Ship Radio Station was identified & donated to the Foundation, by the Ministry of Mercantile Marine. The Foundation undertook to completely reconstruct it and the Ship Radio Station was positioned in the Foundation premises as an educational exhibit.


During the months of July and August 2012, a series of book presentations were hosted, books relating to the promotion and recording of cultural inheritance and maritime tradition :

      – “In the Archipelagos paradise” ;

      – “Redemptive routes” by Stelios Karavolos ;

      – “The six first days of August” by Nikos Latousakis;

      – “Rozanna” and “Logothima” by Meli Tsakou.


From 17th to 25th August 2012, S/Y “Mania” served as the race committee vessel in the Aegean Regatta 2012.  A group of five students who excelled in the National Exams were on board during the races as a token reward of their success.

Every year, the “Maria Tsakos” Foundation sponsors the “Maria Tsakos” Cup to one of the winners.



On July 25, 2012, the “Maria Tsakos” Foundation hosted in its premises the inauguration of the seafarers’ art exhibition.  Present were Captain Panagiotis Tsakos and Mrs Marina  Lampraki – Plaka, the Director of the National Gallery. The exhibition was embraced by the island’s maritime community, evidenced by the numerous visitors.

Seafarers Life Quality Research

Professor of Social Anthropology, Mr. G. Tsimouris conducted on board one of T.E.N. company’s tanker PROPONTIS an initial anthropological research analyzing seafarers’ elements of life on board vessels during the period 11/04/2012 – 25/05/2012.

After his repatriation Prof. Tsimouris presented his first research findings. This research is part of a larger research to be conducted in order to focus on areas of improvements of quality of life on board vessels, and is supported by the “Maria Tsakos” Foundation.

Contribution of shipping in the 1881 earthquake on Chios island

shipping contribution

shipping contribution

On 25th April 2012, the researcher of our local history, Captain Dimitris Melachrinoudis conducted a presentation entitled “Contribution of shipping in the 1881 earthquake on the island” .

Captain Melachrinoudis vividly analyzed in the Chian audience the unknown aspects and effects of managing the major natural Chian disaster following the 1822 Massacre.




The Foundation hosted the team members of the Antikythera Mechanism, Mr. Yiannis Bitsakis, Mr. Agamemnon Tselikas and the Rear Admiral H.C.G (rtd) John Theofanidis.

The first day the guests presented the mechanism to the students of the Island at Homerion Cultural Center while the second day to the Chian audience at the lecture room of the Foundation.

Those who attended the event had the opportunity to acquire detailed knowledge through an interactive lecture, the history, the secrets, as well as the development of the research on the decoding of this ancient instrument.


On August 2011, the “Maria Tsakos” Foundation hosted at its outdoor amphitheatre a presentation of the book “Calm Seas and Storms”, written by Captain George M. Frangos.

The book is a nostalgic reflection on the habits, customs and traditions of nautical Aignoussa (an alternative name for Oinousses).